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Civil Engineering

Christopher A. Jones | Associate Professor

Photo of Christopher JonesPh.D. - 2011, Texas A&M University
Civil Engineering
M.S. - 2009, Texas A&M University
Civil Engineering
B.S. - 2006, Texas A&M University
Civil Engineering
B.A. - 2006, Southwestern University
Physical Science

Contact Information

2136 Fiedler Hall

Professional Experience

Jones received his doctorate in civil engineering from Texas A&M University in 2011, where he measured and modeled fundamental material properties of calcium silicate hydrate — the major component of hardened Portland cement. After graduation, he accepted a technical staff position at Sandia National Laboratories within Sandia’s Nuclear Energy and Fuel Cycle Programs Center studying reactor containment behavior under severe accident conditions. Jones achieved several project leadership roles while working at Sandia on Department of Energy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission funded R&D efforts. He also worked at the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Office of Research for one year under an Intergovernmental Agency Personnel Agreement. In 2017, Jones started his current position as an associate professor in the department of civil engineering at K-State. 


Jones has research interests in the area of mechanics and materials, computational structural mechanics, and uncertainty quantification. Portland cement concrete is a particular area of interest. Jones has developed and implemented novel experimental techniques for nano-scale material characterization via indentation and novel permeability measurement techniques for very tight porous materials. Research applications include traditional reinforced concrete civil structures, concrete pavement, stabilized soil/base materials, nuclear reactor containment vessels, and nuclear waste dry storage systems. Jones has experience and interest in developing experimentally validated computational predictive capabilities for engineering applications. He has a strong preference for complementary experimental campaigns and predictive simulation development.  

Jones currently seeks motivated students interested in further studies at the master’s and doctoral levels and such students are encouraged to reach out to him directly.

Academic Highlights

Jones has co-authored one book chapter, several peer reviewed journal articles and conference papers, as well as numerous research reports while at Texas A&M and Sandia. Additionally, he has a strong passion for teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and constantly seeks to incorporate novel and engaging teaching and assessment techniques into the classroom. Jones is an active member of professional committees in both the American Concrete Institute and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers relating to the design of nuclear concrete structures and the materials science of concrete.