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Civil Engineering

Journal Publications

Journal articles advancing the Analytic Element Method to new engineering problems

  • Steward, D. R., Analysis of vadose zone inhomogeneity towards distinguishing recharge rates: Solving the nonlinear interface problem with Newton method, Water Resources Research, 52(11), 8756–8774, 2016.


  • Steward, D. R., Analysis of discontinuities across thin inhomogeneities, groundwater/surface water interactions in river networks, and circulation about slender bodies using slit elements in the Analytic Element Method,Water Resources Research, 51(11), 8684–8703, 2015.


  • Steward, D. R. and A. J. Allen, The Analytic Element Method for rectangular gridded domains and application to the Ogallala Aquifer, Advances in Water Resources, 60, 89-99, 2013.


  • Steward, D. R., Le Grand, P., Jankovic, I. and Strack, O.D.L., Cauchy integrals for boundary segments with curvilinear geometry, Proceedings of The Royal Society of London, Series A, 464, 223-248, 2008.


  • Steward, D. R. and Panchang, V. G., Improved coastal boundary condition for surface water waves, Ocean Engineering, 28, 139-157, 2000.


Journal articles studying water and society

  • Aistrup, J. A., T. Bulatewicz, L. J. Kulcsar, J. M. Peterson, S. M. Welch and D. R. Steward, Conserving the Ogallala Aquifer in southwestern Kansas: from the wells to people, a holistic coupled natural–human model, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 21, 6167-6183, 2017.


  • Steward, D. R., Bruss, P. J., Yang, X., Staggenborg, S. A., Welch, S. M. and M. D. Apley, Tapping unsustainable groundwater stores for agricultural production in the High Plains Aquifer of Kansas, projections to 2110Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110(37) E3477-E3486, September 10, 2013.


  • Aistrup, J. A., Kulcsar, L., Beach, S., Mauslein, J. and D. R. Steward, Hyper-extractive economies in the U.S.: A coupled-systems approach, Applied Geography, 37, 88-100, 2013.


  • Steward, D. R., Peterson, J. M., Yang, X., Bulatewicz, T., Herrera, M., Mao, D. and Hendricks, N., Groundwater economics: An object oriented foundation for integrated studies of irrigated agricultural systems, Water Resources Research, 45, W05430:1-15, 2009.


Journal articles advancing understanding of the High Plains Aquifer

  • Steward, D. R. and Allen, A. J., Peak groundwater depletion in the High Plains Aquifer, projections from 1930 to 2110, Agricultural Water Management, 170, 36-48, May 2016.


  • Steward, D. R., Yang, X., and Chacon, S., Groundwater response to changing water-use practices in sloping aquifers using convolution of transient response functions, Water Resources Research, 45, W02412:1-13, 2009.


  • Steward, D. R., Groundwater response to changing water-use practices in sloping aquifers, Water Resources Research, 43, W05408, doi:10.1029/2005WR004837, 2007.


Journal articles developing and standardizing interdisciplinary methods

  • T. Bulatewicz, D. Andresen, S. Auvenshine, J. Peterson, D. R. Steward, A distributed data component for the Open Modeling Interface,Environmental Modelling & Software, 57, 138–151, July 2014.


  • Bulatewicz, T., A. Allen, J.M. Peterson, S. Staggenborg, S.M. Welch, and D.R. Steward, The Simple Script Wrapper for OpenMI: Enabling interdisciplinary modeling studies, Environmental Modelling & Software, 39, 283-294, 2013.


  • Bulatewicz, T., Yang, X., Peterson, J. M., Staggenborg, S., Welch, S. M., and D. R. Steward, Accessible integration of agriculture, groundwater, and economic models using the Open Modeling Interface (OpenMI): Methodology and initial results, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 14, 521-534, 2010.


  • Bulatewicz, T., Jin, W., Staggenborg, S., Lauwo, S. Y., Miller, M., Das, S., Andresen, D., Peterson, J., Steward, D. R., and Welch, S. M., Calibration of a crop model to irrigated water use using a genetic algorithm, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 13, 1467-1483, 2009.


Journal articles advancing engineering education

  • Kulcsar, L.J., J. Aistrup, T. Bulatewicz , J.M. Peterson, S. M. Welch, and D. R. Steward, Water and society: Interdisciplinary education in natural resources, Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education, 158, 120-131, August 2016.


  • Steichen, E., M., Bhandari, A., Hutchinson, S. L., Reddi, L. N., Steward, D. R. and Erickson, L. E., Improving interdisciplinary geoenvironmental engineering education through empowerment evaluation, International Journal of Engineering Education, 22(1), 171-182, 2006.


Journal articles advancing use of the Analytic Element Method with GIS

  • Yang, X., Steward, D. R., de Lange, W. J., Lauwo, S. Y., Chubb, R. M. and Bernard, E. A., Data model for system conceptualization in groundwater studies, International Journal of GIS, 24(5), 677-694, 2010.


  • Steward, D. R., de Lange, W. J., Yang, X., Vasak, S. L. and Olsthoorn, T. N., Groundwater ecohydrology: GIScience tools to forecast change and sustainability of global ecosystems, studies in Africa, Europe and North America, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussion, 6, 2795-2844, 2009.


  • Steward, D. R. and Bernard, E. A., The synergistic powers of AEM and GIS geodatabase models in water resources studies, Ground Water, 44(1), 56-61, 2006.


Journal articles advancing understanding of phreatophytes and their uptake of groundwater

  • Ahring, T. S. and D. R. Steward, Groundwater surface water interactions and the role of phreatophytes in identifying recharge zones, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 16, 4133-4142, 2012.


  • Steward, D. R., Yang, X., Lauwo, S. Y., Staggenborg, S. A., Macpherson, G. L. and Welch, S. M., From precipitation to groundwater baseflow in a native prairie ecosystem: a regional study of the Konza LTER in the Flint Hills of Kansas, USA, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 15, 3181-3194, 2011.


  • Steward, D. R. and Ahring, T., An analytic solution for groundwater uptake by phreatophytes spanning spatial scales from plant to field to regional, Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 64(2), 85-103, 2009.


Journal articles pioneering three-dimensional Analytic Element Methods

  • Jankovic, I., Steward, D. R., Barnes, R. J. and Dagan, G. Is transverse macrodispersivity in three-dimensional transport through isotropic heterogeneous formation equal to zero? A counterexample, Water Resources Research, 45, W08415:1--10, 2009.


  • Jin, W. and Steward, D. R., The transition of flow patterns through critical stagnation points in two-dimensional groundwater flow, Advances in Water Resources, 30(1), 16-28, 2007.


  • Steward, D. R. and Jin, W., Uniform head in horizontal and vertical wells, Ground Water, 44(1), 86-90, 2006.


  • Steward, D. R. and Jin, W., Drawdown and capture zone topology for non-vertical wells, Water Resources Research, 39(8), 9:1-11, 2003.


  • Steward, D. R., A vector potential and exact flux through surfaces using Lagrange and Stokes stream functions, Proceedings of The Royal Society of London, Series A, 458(2018), 489-509, 2002.


  • Steward, D. R. and Jin, W., Gaining and losing sections of horizontal wells, Water Resources Research, 37(11), 2677-2685, 2001.


  • Steward, D. R., A vector potential for a partially penetrating well and flux in an approximate method of images, Proceedings of The Royal Society of London, Series A, 457, 2093-2111, 2001.


  • Steward, D. R. and Jankovic, I., Deformation of stream surfaces in steady axisymmetric flow, Water Resources Research 37(2), 307-315, 2001.


  • Steward, D. R., Three-dimensional analysis of the capture of contaminated leachate by fully penetrating, partially penetrating, and horizontal wells, Water Resources Research, 35(2), 461-468, 1999.


  • Steward, D. R., Stream surfaces in two-dimensional and three-dimensional divergence-free flows, Water Resources Research, 34(5), 1345-1350, 1998.