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Civil Engineering

Research Activities

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Principal Investigator or co-PI funding over $15 million in research grants from funding agencies such as NSF, USDA, US EPA, and many other local and international agencies and consulting firms.

Computer Software

  • Aistrup, Joseph A.; Bulatewicz, Tom; Kulcsar, Laszlo J.; Peterson, Jeffrey M.; Welch, Stephen M.; Steward, David R. Simulation Data From Aistrup et al. Sustaining the Ogallala Aquifer Manuscript. Retrieved from the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM), 2017.


  • CNH-Hyper-Extractive code, all computer software used for modeling in the NSF CNH project, and its linkages with OpenMI (OpenModelling Interface), the EU Water Framework's platform for interdisciplinary modeling, and the teams advances for Simple Script Wrappers, the Data Component, and parallel processing published online,


  • Simple Script Wrapper (SSW) is a software component developed by the Consortium for Global Research on Water-based Economies (GRoWE) at Kansas State University, available at


  • Data Component that conforms to the Open Modeling Interface (OpenMI) that both provides input data to model components retrieved from standards-based web services and delivers model output data to such services, available at


  •  3DFlow, Three-Dimensional Groundwater Flow Simulator, computer program.