Riding, Kyle A.; PhD, PE

ridingAssociate Professor

2107 Fiedler Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

Area(s) of Specialization

Transportation and Materials Engineering


B.S. Civil Engineering, Brigham Young University
M.S.E. Civil Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
Ph.D. Civil Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
Post-Doc Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne

Research Interests

Dr. Riding's research focuses on durability of concrete structures and pavements, early age concrete structural behavior, concrete microstructure characterization and modeling, and novel cementatious systems with a goal to enhance and preserve the nation's civil infrastructure.

Recent Publications 

Riding, K.A.; Poole, J.L.; Folliard, K.J.; Juenger, M.C.G.; Schindler, A.K. 'A new model for estimating the apparent activation energy of cementitious systems.' ACI Materials Journal, 108:550-557, 2011.

Slatnick, S.; Riding, K.A.; Folliard, K.J.; Juenger, M.C.G.; Schindler, A.K. 'Evaluation of autogenous deformation of concrete at early ages.' ACI Materials Journal, 108:21-28, 2011.

Poole, J.L.; Riding, K.A.; Juenger, M.C.G.; Folliard, K.J.; Schindler, A.K. 'Effects of supplementary cementitious materials on apparent activation energy.' Journal of ASTM International, Vol. 7, 2010.

Riding, K.A.; Silva, D.A.; Scrivener, K. 'Early age strength enhanccement of blended cement systems by CaCl2 and diethanol-isopropanolamine.' Cement and Concrete Research, 40:935-946, 2010.

Riding, K.A.; Poole, J.L.; Schindler, A.K.; Juenger, M.C.G.; Folliard, K.J. 'Effects of construction time and coarse aggregate on bridge deck cracking.' ACI Materials Journal, 106:448-454, 2009.

Sponsored Projects (Ongoing) 

Sustainable and Durable Concrete Pavement Aggregates. K.A. Riding. KS Department of Transportation, 2012-2013.

Determination of Acceptance Criteria for Prestressing Strand in Pretensioned Applications. K.A. Riding; R.J. Peterman. Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, 2011-2014.

Evaluation of Concrete Strength and Permeability. K.A. Riding. Kansas Department of Transportation, 2011-2014.

Collaborative Research: New Natural Supplementary Cementitious Materials for Concrete. K.A. Riding. National Science Foundation, 2010-2013. 

BRIGE: Linking the Microstructure, Performance, and Sustainability of Mixed Glass Cullet Blended Cements. K.A. Riding. National Science Foundation, 2010-2012.

Major Honors and Recognitions

Wason Medal for Materials Research, American Concrete Institute, 2011
Big 12 Faculty Fellow, KSU, 2010
Top Research Innovations and Findings Award, Texas Department of Transportation, 2005