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Civil Engineering

Shahin Nayyeri Amiri | Instructor

NayyeriPh.D. candidate - Kansas State University
Fluid Mechanics
Ph.D. - Kansas State University
Structural Engineering
M.S. - Kansas State University
Geotechnical Engineering
Ph.M. - Tabriz University
Structural Engineering
M.S. - Tabriz University
Structural Engineering
B.S. - Tabriz University
Civil Engineering

Contact Information

2108 Fiedler Hall

Professional Experience

Dr. Nayyeri holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, master’s and doctorate in Structural Engineering, and second master’s in geotechnical engineering. Currently, he is a lecturer in the department of civil engineering and a doctoral candidate in mechanical engineering. He has taught Theory of Plates and Shells, Intermediate Dynamics, Design of Tall Buildings, Repairing and Strengthening Timber, Concrete and Masonry Structure, Retrofitting of Historical Building, Finite Element method, and Advanced Mechanics of Materials for graduate students as well as Engineering Graphics, Statics, Water Resources, Soil and Foundation Design, and Mechanics of Materials for undergraduate students at K-State. Dr. Nayyeri has considerable industrial experience. He is a registered professional engineer in multiple countries. He has been involved in the design of residential, industrial and commercial high-rise buildings. He is familiar with several different design methodologies, various 3D analysis and design software, and UBC, AISC, AASHTO and ACI codes. He also worked several years in a soil mechanics lab and in the geotechnical engineering field to study the mechanical properties of soils in order to predict how it behaves under field loading for the safe design of structures. 


Dr. Nayyeri’s research interest is very diverse and generally covers several fields of civil and mechanical engineering. He has done research in structural engineering and solid mechanics, geotechnical engineering and soil mechanics, and fluid mechanics areas. 

Academic Highlights

Dr. Nayyeri has authored and/or co-authored two books, more than 25 peer-reviewed journal papers and more than 30 conference papers. Currently, he is working on research project at NGML under Dr. Jones's supervision. He is graduate committee member of two master's students and one Ph.D. student.