Brief Demo



This relatively small application was developed after I added the HYSTERETIC functionality to my other application, KSU_RC. At the time, I developed a window interface so that the user can examine the hysteretic response of a material model (steel, concrete and confined concrete in KSU_RC case) by just moving the mouse with the desired path. I have explained why this was needed in the help file.

Later, I decided to put this functionality in a separate small application. I did that, and called it USC Viewer. Up to 11 different models can be examined at the same time and in the same directory. The current application data is not saved in registry, allowing to have as many  models as we want to examine on a single PC. You may want to see the help file for further details.

Downloading USC Viewer

I have packed the required files in a single installation file. It will be installed in a directory named "USC Viewer", or whatever you may want to name it. To install, just download the installation file and double click on it to start installation. To uninstall, simply choose uninstall from the start menu (where the program is).