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About KSU_RC

The new version (generation!) of KSU_RC will be released soon!

There will be fundamental improvements in the functionality, analytical options, and user interface. In the new version you will see:

- A completely revised user interface with more options and functionalities for data entry and retrieval, visual interaction, and graphical demonstration of performance

- Bi-Axial analysis under any load/displacement history including hysteresis bi-axial moment-curvature and force deflection analysis under non-sequential load variation

- 3-D graphs of the performance with interactive functionality for retrieving desired data

- Adjustable meshing, and mesh optimization for a desired accuracy of analysis

- Friendly interface throughout, and intuitive steps

- Flexibility in choosing analytical models and options

- New models, including new confining material (like FRP, etc.) and custom models

- Various sections, including composite sections and custom section

- and more!

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Module to be installed after installation of KSU_RC on Windows 7 (only Home and Professional), 32 bit

Module to be installed after installation of KSU_RC on Windows 7 (only Home and Professional), 64 bit

Module to be installed after installation of KSU_RC on Windows Vista


Note: This application is currently compatible with all versions of Windows. However, to view help file in Vista or Windows 7 (professional and Home Editions) the modules posted on this page should be installed after installation of KSU_RC.

Some revisions are under consideration for 1) Re-designing/re-writing the interface 2) providing more functionality through a more friendly/intuitive interface 3) implementing more material models for steel, plain concrete and confined concrete (capability of modeling various confining material in addition to conventional type), and introducing custom model(s) to enable any monotonic model for material based on the user’s need 4) implementing more hysteresis rules for material (needed for cyclic analysis of a section/member) and/or analyzing the response of a section/member under a variable (non-proportional) axial load 5) more functionality to save and retrieve the data (raw or processed, such as a project, etc.) 6) addressing other requests by professional/academic users of the application


History: KSU_RC was initially developed as a tool to address the analytical needs of my research on the seismic behavior of bridge piers under various loading patterns (a PEER-NSF funded research program, when I was a graduate research assistant at USC). It was initially called USC_RC and after some revisions and adding some features here at KSU, it was renamed as KSU_RC. It can handle 2 different systems, several major cross sections, any arrangement of steel on the section and any kind of steel behavior (by tuning the parameters of the model developed specifically for the program), unconfined and confined concrete Monotonic or Hysteretic stress-strain relationship.


Functionality: KSU_RC can provide the analysis for the Moment-Curvature response of the section under any loading condition (Hysteretic, or Monotonic depending on the case). It can also provide the Force-Deflection analysis under any loading pattern, namely a variable axial load that may be with respect to the deflection or lateral load, or a proportionally variable axial load, with any kind of lateral displacement history. Axial-Force Bending Moment Interaction analysis based on ACI, AASHTO code as well as the real performance using proper material model for confined concrete, steel and plain concrete is another analytical capability of the application.


Bi-directional analysis, additional material models, both monotonic and hysteresis rules, and functionality to have a custom section are among the other features expected to be added in the next version. Expansion of the existing analytical capabilities and refining/adding more analytical options, as well as a virtual Lab. is a very convenient tool for the pre-test analytical investigations. This feature will be added as soon as I find an opportunity. The whole package right now, and especially with the desired components when added, will be a wonderful professional/educational tool. It is noteworthy that there are several DOTs, schools and companies that are using this application as an educational or design tool.


I am seeking some help from K-DOT, KSU-UTC and other possible resources for updating this application that has been freely available to public and private agencies and schools. Most, if not all of the requests by the professional users will hopefully be addressed in the next version of KSU_RC.


Some sites have already provided (had provided! – there are updated new ones!) a link to my page on USC servers (the USC_RC) and this page also. I am hopeful to post the updated versions as soon as I get enough resources to do so.





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