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This site provides convenient access to the applications I have developed. I will update the site as soon as I get some time. For now, I have posted the versions of the applications posted in various locations. Note that applications without any ownership, are freely available to all.




Moment Curvature, Force Deflection, and Axial Force bending Moment Interaction Analysis for a reinforced concrete member under various loading conditions, namely a cyclic loading, and the hysteretic response. NOTE: Next version with more features will be posted soon, (as soon as I find a time to furnish the new version with the funsctionality and interface that provides easier intuitive analytical steps). The new version will have more functionality in terms of the interface and also the main analysis. A virtual lab is among the new features planned to be added in the new version; however, it may be left out to expedite the release of the new edition).





An application to view the response of a system, namely the Hysteretic Response of a Material Model, using the DLL (Dynamic link Library) File, generated by the user (using a FORTRAN, or any other compiler as long as exports required functions - see the Viewer's help file for details).


Other  Applications

These are applications developed either as a part of a research project (owned by the sponsor) or as a teaching tool. Some are freely available to public.


Demonstration files (KSU_RC)



Demonstration Files (Viewer)


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